Septic Tank Emptying Across Norfolk

With the ever increasing building programmes septic tanks, cesspits and cesspools are having to be used in many rural residential and commercial properties, all of which need a regular, reliable emptying service.

We at East Anglian Tankering Services appreciate that septic tanks, cesspits and cesspools are often located out of sight and in the least accessible places. We have smaller sized vehicles equipped with adequate pipes to facilitate access in these situations. We are fully trained and insured family business that offers a quick clean removal of the waste.

We offer a regular emptying service, quarterly, half-yearly, annually or tailor-made to your requirements, for both residential and commercial customers.

Under the Public Health Act 1936, it is an offence to allow a cesspool to leak or overflow. The owner/occupier of the premises should ensure that the tank is watertight and emptied on a regular basis by a licensed contractor, who will dispose of the contents at a sewage treatment works.

This act also applies to septic tanks which are not maintained properly, thereby producing effluent which is damaging to health or a nuisance.

Why Emptying Your Septic Tank is Important


Regularly looking after your tank will save you a lot of money in the long run.

During cleaning, our expert technicians can examine and inspect your septic tank for leaks, structural damage, and cracks.

Thorough inspections can only be done when the tank is emptied. Needless to say, repairing your tank is cheaper than buying and installing a new one.


A septic tank that is not looked after can lead to significant health risks.

Sewage contains harmful microorganisms such as bacteria diseases such as salmonellosis, virus diseases like hepatitis A, and parasitic diseases such as threadworm infection. Nasty!

If inadequately treated, wastewater can drain into your garden. In serious cases, backwash can seep into your home, bringing the harmful bacteria with it.

Property Value

If you decide to up sticks and sell your property, a home inspection will include a thorough check of the septic tank.

An inspection that indicates that the tank has not been looked after properly may affect property viewings, and you may have to replace the tank.